Glued pine beams

The material we use meets all the requirements for the production of glued wood in Ukraine EN386/1995 CMD and is checked in a specialized laboratory according to the European standard EN391. We use high quality Henkel PURBOND S209 polyurethane adhesive for supporting structures (EN301 Stuttgart certificate).


-Finish structure TRICOLAM – three lamellas, cut 2Ex-LOG

-Profile and section – “softline” without sharp angles, with ILLBRUCK sealing grooves. Cross section 180x200mm (B) and 180x240mm (B) – double bond, length up to 13000mm.

-Cleaving with a closed spike on the visible part

-Windshield cup, clearance 0.5 mm per side

-Antiseptic treatment with varnishes Remmers – temporary treatment with BS on the surface, edges with SW910. Optional permanent protection of hidden GN or PRE surfaces

Choosing this material you will give a practical and classic look to your home.

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