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Our History

We are building log houses, saunas and pavilions since 2008. Having more than 10 years of experience in Ukraine, we are determined to take over Bulgaria, too. We have more than 150 projects – houses, Russian baths, saunas, pavilions and churches for which we are carefully choosing the best material of Carpathian spruce and pine from Ukraine. We are offering full service, from making the ideal project for you, to giving you the key for your dream home.

The advantage of a log house

The wood as a construction material has advantageous endurance and solidity. The modern methods for protection and processing the wooden material can drastically increase the endurance of the building. This kind of construction does not require any plastering, neither outside nor inside the walls. We are using specially designed protective lacquer to cover the troops by the leading German company Remmers.

The wood is an alive material, beneficial for human’s health and environmentally friendly. The walls of the wooden house “are breathing” – they let the oxygen in, this is why it is so much easier to breath in a log house. The humidity and the oxygen balance are naturally maintained to ensure your comfort. The wooden structure is unique, it catches the eye and creates a peaceful feeling. This is why the wooden house has a marvelous effect on human’s body and prolongs his life.

Not only the wood is beneficial for your health, but it is also highly cost-effective. As the wooden construction is relatively light, it does not require any massive base. According to the thermal insulation characteristics, the 4 to 5-fold wood-made walls outweigh the bricks with the same thickness, so the heating costs are significantly reduced.

It is a well-known fact that the coniferous wood due to its properties is a natural defense against bacteria and viruses.

Work flow

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